Vinka Varna

April 11, 2014
VINKA VARNA plays at Trans Pecos. Participating musicians: Chris Steele Nicholson, Patrick Hambrecht, Aaron Fagan, Zebediah Keneally
curated by MV Carbon

Vinka Varna is a feral Foley orchestra that extols immediacy, God, and fertility by demanding its members inflate their egos in order to inseminate one another’s egos in order to birth a colossal ego in order to copulate with the audience ego in order to praise the divine by undulating to a live soundtrack created for subconscious-revealing visual projections. This evening’s presentation features animation and film by Camilla Ha (Magic is Küntmaster, Malingering Uvula) and Christopher Steele Nicholson (Oh Minnows)–performing with Patrick Hambrecht (Flaming Fire), artist Zebadiah Keneally (Hamburger Vampire) and poet Aaron Fagan (Garage/ Salt Modern Poets).

…and I was mentioned in a writeup for poet and brilliant human Aaron Fagan: